Sunday, May 13, 2007


With almost 100 patterns on this page, we've decided to open another 'room' in our online store. So, if you will follow the link below be sure to bookmark our "UPPER ROOM" area, we look forward to visiting with you :) again soon! Please note... we are now offering the option of purchasing individual patterns for $2.00 a piece, or sets for prices as posted, OR if you'd like to purchase ALL of the patterns in a NEW posting, you will be able to do so at a reduced fee of 25% off. This policy is only good for patterns posted to the UPPER ROOM area and are only for patterns posted AFTER May 1, 2007.
Now, please follow us to HARVEST MOON DESIGNS UPPER ROOM


Teri said...

Hi, Sue. I had E-mailed you a couple months ago asking if you ever planned to offer any crocheted cloth patterns, since I don't knit (you replied that you might in the future). I love several of the textured designs you are offering - how hard would it be for a person who does not have any aptitude for knitting to learn how to make, say, the Purple Mountain Majesty or Bamboo? Or would one need to be an experienced knitter for those? I can crochet anything and that will always be my passion, but I'd like to at least learn enough to make some of your cloths. I do want to try loom knitting, but I don't know that these would be doable on a loom? Teri

Schaefer Design Studio said...

Hi Teri :)
Thank you for leaving your comment.
I haven't forgotten all you wonderful crocheters out there. I am trying my best to design some patterns for you all :)

Personally, I know how to knit and crochet, but I find knitting easier on the hands. I have arthritis and it doesn't bother me when I knit but it does when I crochet. It must have something to do with the movements.

There is a really wonderful site on the net that gives wonderful knitting tips and has great videos to help out. You might want to go there to learn more. The address is:

Now about your question. Both of those patterns do involve lace designs. They aren't hard once you have the basics of knitting down. You might want to start with one of our freebies to see if you'd like knitting. You can find them here:

I hope this helps,
God Bless,